Welcome to Pochoir.NYC

We make sustainable embroidered art.

Ceci's Art Nouveau-inspired Reverie embroidered hoop art. The design features off-white peonies with yellow French knots in the middle surrounded by olive leaves, golden honeysuckle branches, red poppies, and plum, fuchsia, and pink geraniums, all embroidered on upcycled green satin. In the background are scattered plum, pink, and blush ranunculus blossoms.
Illustrating the concept of sustainability: the sun shines through tall, straight pine trees. The floor is covered in moss, and the overall mood is serene.

What Is Sustainability? The Pochoir.NYC Definition

Everyone’s talking about sustainability, but what does it actually mean?

A clothing rack full of canary yellow and white tops in a range of materials: lace, chiffon, knit, illustrating how shopping can be excessive.

7 Tips for a More Sustainable Closet

At Pochoir.NYC, our mission is to create sustainable art and educate people. These are my top seven shopping tips for becoming a more conscientious consumer.

Aerial view of fabric rolls. The fabric is arranged in a gradient ranging from white to brown, red, pink, and finally purple, illustrating how I use a diversity of materials in my art practice.


As a sustainable business, we are dedicated to being fully transparent about all of the materials we use and how, exactly, they are sustainable.

Operating on Lenape land.

Commited to Sustainable Packaging. Partnered with EcoEnclose.